Shipping and return policies for Wes Pickering

Shipping Info
Our orders ship from Nashville, TN. All orders will usually ship within 10 business days of the order being received, with most orders shipped same day. Orders in the US typically arrive within 8-10 days.

On international orders, we are charging the cheapest possible shipping prices, first class air mail. As a result, we cannot give any indication of when an order will be received. Likewise, a tracking number will not be generated. Most international orders arrive within 2-3 weeks, though some take longer. This does include orders into Canada, although they normally arrive faster.

We want to provide great customer service, so we hate that international orders take so long to arrive. But the alternative is very expensive shipping costs. Please know that when you place an order in our store, you are accepting its delivery may take some time.
Return Policy
We will accept returns of defective or defaced items. We are not able to accept returns or exchanges if a shirt doesn't fit. We do not consider a cracked CD case an acceptable defect for return or exchange, since such a crack generally does not affect the ability of the disc to play.

If you have a problem or question with an order, please email us through the contact form. You will hear back very quickly - normally within a few hours.