by Wes Pickering

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AOCS Thank you for sharing these original songs. Solid songwriting, beautiful vocals, expertly recorded. Proud to hwve my autographed copy! Favorite track: Beautiful God.
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Wes’s seventh album Recreated is a bold, worshipful exploration of creation and recreation.

“I kept thinking about that moment in Genesis, at the start of everything, where there was darkness, no light, no life, just a blank canvas for the Creator. And then, all the sudden, there was this explosion of light and color and life! And all of it happened because God spoke it into existence,” says Wes of the album’s theme.

“I see the same thing mirrored in the New Testament recreation of those who put their faith in Jesus. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come.”

Recreated is an ambitious, beautifully crafted album full of joyful anthems for the Church, intimate devotional worship, and heart-felt, compassionate offerings to those who search for peace and hope.

“The bottom line,” says Wes, “Is that I truly believe that when Christ saves us, we truly are made into new creations. We’re not perfect, but we no longer find our identity in the darkness that we once were, no longer bound by our mistakes and sin. Our new identity is in Jesus himself. We are truly recreated!”


released May 26, 2015

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wes Pickering
Recorded in a little house with a yellow door in Nashville TN

Additional bass guitar by Scott Gypson
Background vocals by Hannah Pickering, Sam Allen, Brettan Cox, Abbie Cox, and Mike Fraedrich

Cover design by Wes Pickering
Abstract watercolors by Hannah Pickering
Photography by Devin Maddox

“Recreated” and “Beautiful God” by Wes Pickering and James Tealy
© 2015 Not Enough Words, ASCAP and Centricity, ASCAP, Music Services, Admin
“Come Find Rest” by Wes Pickering and SaraBeth Geoghegan
© 2015 Not Enough Words, ASCAP and Paper Princess Music, ASCAP
“More Then Enough” by Wes Pickering and Brettan Cox
© 2015 Not Enough Words, ASCAP and Brettan Cox Music, SESAC
“Singing Over You” by Wes Pickering and Lindsey Jones
© 2015 Not Enough Words, ASCAP and Lindsey Jones ASCAP

All other songs by Wes Pickering
© 2015 Not Enough Words, ASCAP

Special thanks to Hannah Pickering, with all my love.
Additional thanks to Dad, Mom, Doug and Jody Gregg, Frank and Sharon Jackson,
Andrew and Ali Osenga, James and Shera Thiele, Brettan Cox,
Lindsey and Will Pryor, Scott Gypson, Mike and Dana Fraedrich, Abbie Cox,
SaraBeth Geoghegan, Devin and Cara Maddox


all rights reserved



Wes Pickering Nashville, Tennessee

husband, worship leader, writer, revivalist

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Track Name: Recreated
Stepping out of the dark now
You lead me into Your glory
And it’s just beginning, let the day begin
I’m never turning back now
You’ve made the way before me
And it’s just beginning, let the day begin
God Your mercies are new every morning
And Your love’s breaking through like the dawn

I’m done thinking about
The mess that I used to be
I’ve been recreated
No more dragging around
The weight that was holding me
I am recreated

Up from the ground beneath me
I can feel redemption rising
It’s Your kingdom’s coming, let Your kingdom come
I said goodbye to the worry
Leaving all my past behind me
Oh Your kingdom’s coming, let Your kingdom come
God Your mercies are new every morning
And Your love’s breaking through like the dawn

I feel the burden lifted
I can finally breathe
Cause who the Son sets free
Is now free indeed
Every chain is broken
Heaven’s door swings wide
My heart is open and I
Come alive, come alive
Track Name: You Love Your Creation
I’ve got no secrets from you
You know me
You know me
No need to run and hide
You love me
Yeah you are love
And if I ever fall down
You catch me
You catch me
Yeah you are love

You created me and you love your creation
You’re my everything, you’re my joy and salvation
I will sing your song to every nation
You created us and you love your creation

Every wrinkle in my skin
You know me
You know me
No shame now, you welcome me in
You love me
Yeah you are love
And if I lose my way
You find me
You find me
Yeah you are love

Nothing else can satisfy
I am yours and you are mine
Track Name: Beautiful God
Beneath the waters
I was buried with all of my sin
And with my Savior
I have risen to live again

The weight of my sorrow
Has been lifted and cast in the dark
The weight of Your glory
Resting heavy upon my heart

Beautiful God
In this place
You are drawing us close to You
Beautiful God
By Your grace
You are making the old things new
Beautiful God
I will worship You
In the Spirit and in truth
Beautiful God

Here in Your presence
Are no secrets and nothing to hide
All of the darkness
Chased away by your blinding light

Beneath the waters
I was buried with all of my sin
And with my savior
I have risen to live again
Track Name: One and Only
My hands tremble
And my hearts quickens its pace
To stand before You
Here in this holy place
Oh but Your grace has made me pure
Oh and Your perfect love endures forever

You are my one and only
Jesus only You are my one and only
My words fail me
My mind can’t understand
Forgiveness proven in scars from nails in your hands
Oh to describe this love divine
I am Yours and You are mine forever

Nothing else could change my heart like You
You to take the old
And make it beautiful.
Track Name: Come Find Rest
I didn’t think that I needed a Shepherd
Thought I could do it all on my own
Wanna be
In control
And decide
Where to go

I didn’t see the appeal of still waters
Till my mind was a raging sea
As I waited
For sleep
I was longing
For peace

My way was a valley
And my heart was full of fear
But the Father calls us to His arms
There is comfort here

If your soul is weary
If heart is tired
If your eyes are are blurry
From the tears you’ve cried
Come find rest
I didn’t know I would long for a shepherd
Lay me down on a bed of green
and now
that I’m here
I’m in need
of nothing

When I go through the valley
My heart need never fear
But the father calls us to his arms
There is comfort here

When your way is winding
If the road is long
When your heart need reminding
That His love is love is strong
Come find rest

Follow me follow me
Goodness and Mercy
My home is in the house of God
Track Name: What a Glorious King
I saw the sunrise
Stretch its arms over the earth
And the mountain reach toward heaven in praise
A vast creation
By an uncreated God
Who was here before we counted the days

All the things You made and said were good
Just glimpses of Your greatness and glory

So sing to the magnificent Creator
What a Glorious King
What a Glorious King
Join all of heaven worshiping the Maker
And together we sing
What a glorious King You scattered starlight
Over infinite space
And You chased away the darkness with a word
And there with one breath
You gave life to every man
Who You formed out of the clay of the earth

And every single breath that you give to me
Is evidence of your love and mercy

Oh let my every heart beat
Oh let my every word
Be a reflection of the love You deserve
Of the love You deserve
Track Name: More Than Enough
When I toss and turn
In my sleep I yearn
For peace to still my heart
No more counting debts
I am counting on Your love

On my weakest day
When I feel afraid
To cry an honest tear
No more hiding scars
I am resting in Your arms

You are more than enough for me

In Your mercy found
Where I once was bound
To mourn I’m free to dance
I have everything
I could ever need in You

Oh what more could I want
You captured my heart
And made it whole again
Track Name: Mindful of Me
Every star You call by name
And in return they shout Your praise
Heaven and earth declare how great You are

Day after day Your glory shines
Your majesty in the evening skies
All of your children sing how great You are

Who am I that You are mindful of me
Stars in the sky obey Your decrees
Mountains bow down and oceans rise up and sing
You are King of kings
Lord of everything
Things of the world will pass away
Your perfect love will never fail
So I will sing my God how great You are

So every word of my mouth
And every thought in my heart
May they be pleasing to Your ear
May they be pleasing to Your ear
Track Name: Singing Over You
When beauty slips through your fingers
And you’ve put all your faith in a lie
When you hate what you see in the mirror
There is love
Perfect love

When you’ve lost all your will to keep fighting
And control is a foreign idea
When you’ve got no more tears left for crying
There is love
Perfect love

Come find rest in the Father
He makes all things new
You are His delight and He is
Singing over you

When you’ve hurt every friend you were close to
And that pain is a favor returned
When nothing goes like it’s supposed to
There is love
Perfect love

In the twilight of early morning
In each moment that passes today
In the grace and the stillness at evening
There is love
Perfect love